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Looking for a delicious Halloween candy gift? Rest assured that this candy crush Halloween Care Package, filled with yummy treats, will do the trick! 

Searching for the way to treat your favorite kiddos this Halloween? Rest assured that this delightful, decorative, ghostly Halloween gift package will do the trick! 

Halloween Candy Crush Care Package includes: 

Ghost marshmallow peeps
Movie butter microwave popcorn
Milk chocolate M & M's
Peanut Butter M & M's
Halloween pretzel
Halloween cheese puffs
Chex Mix
Trolli gummy worms, Marshmallow eyeballs
Zombie gummy booger
Zombie sour punch candies, Happy Halloween popping candy with dipping Styx
Sweet Tarts. 
This gift comes closed and sealed as a care package and is tied with a hand tied Halloween bow


Trick or Treat Halloween Candy Crush

SKU: SD91489
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