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When expecting a baby or after giving birth every woman deserves to be treated like a princess.  This indulgent gift basket contains massages, foot soaks,  lotions and to soft music that relaxes her. She should eat something sweet without guilt, write in a journal, read up on baby tips and read a book dedicated to how wonderful a Mother truly is. She should be spoiled rotten. That idea is how we selected all of the wonderful gifts in this basket. Because after all, who needs to relax and deserves to be treated like a queen more than someone who is carrying a child or has just given birth to a precious new baby.

Our pregnancy gift basket is the perfect gift to get your wife, daughter, sister, friend or anyone you feel deserves a little TLC during their pregnancy or after giving birth. 

This gift arrangement for expectant mother includes:

  • A Spa CD filled with soothing music
  • scented shower gel
  • Soothing body lotion
  • A gel based eye mask which will help relieve the puffy eyes which seem to go hand and hand with pregnancy
  • A wooden massager for her aches and pains
  • A journal so that she can document this exciting time
  • Spa back strap which will help her to reach those harder than ever to reach places
  • Terry bath mitt
  • Terry bath pillow with suction cups to hold it in place
  • The book titled "Baby Tips For Moms And Dads."
  • Book dedicated to Mothers that is filled with sweet poems, funny stories and quotes about Motherhood
  • Lemon Thimble Cookies to help calm the cravings

TLC Mommy to Be, Gift Basket

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