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Both the new mommy and baby girl will be delighted to receive this ultra- fabulous assortment of gifts. This stunning gift basket is filled with soft,  cuddly gifts, pretty stylish girly gifts, and pampering spa items for mommy.


This mommy and baby girl gift basket includes: 

Baby Gifts: 

Silk Flower and Grosgrain Headband 
A SUPER Soft and Fluffy Cuddle Bunny with Sherpa Fur, Soft Plush & Silky 
Satin Trim 
Soft Baby Blankie Trimmed In Satin 
"Tres Jolie" Chiffon Ruffle Hat (so cute!) 

Mommy Gifts: 

"Serenity" Eye Mask 
Golden Magnolia Skin Silkening Shower Gel 

Sweet Baby Girl and Mom Gift Basket

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