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Let Mom know that she's your "One In A Million!" with this french vanilla Mother's Day Spa that surrounds the senses in an intoxicating essence that's exotic and delicate. 

Mom will love this comforting Spa Collection gift with french vanilla, sultry amber, and notes of warm sandal and cedar woods that evoke a mood of relaxation.

The Blissful Relaxation Vanilla Gift Chest includes:

Seagrass gift chest
Happy Mother's Day gift card
fingernail bristle brush
vanilla poured glass candle
bath sponge ball
Vanilla Incense
aromatherapy vanilla potpourri
exfoliating bath loofah
8 oz Fresh Vanilla lotion
8 oz. Fresh Vanilla body lotion
8 oz Fresh Vanilla bubble bath
4 oz Fresh Vanilla bath salts
8 oz Fresh vanilla sugar scrub

Relaxing French Vanilla Mother's Day Gift Chest

SKU: SD8413852
$76.00 Regular Price
$69.95Sale Price
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