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A unique and thoughtful gift for a son from his mom. Gift baskets from mothers to sons are a great way for any mother to show how proud she is of her son. This handsome gift basket for sons is a very unique and thoughtful gift for a son from his mom or any mother figure in his life. A great way for any mother to tell her son how proud she is of him. He will treasure the very special decorative tile, with stand, that proclaims the following sentiment 
ÏWhen a Son like you grows up to be the kind of man you've become, A Mom like me is proud as can be of her wonderful, caring Son.Ó The perfect gift for a son's birthday, a Father's Day gift from mother to a son she is proud of or any occasion when mothers want to celebrate their love for their sons.

Inside this gift basket for men we've also included great food treats for guys such as a box of Chocolate Dipped Truffle Cookies, Dark Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer Cookies, an Old-fashioned Pecan Log, Sweet Chips (Potato Chips layered in caramel, pecans and potato stix, then coated in creamy white chocolate and dark sprinkles), Extra Large Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, Crunchy Herb Almonds and Sweet Chipotle Almonds.

Mother and Son Gift Basket

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