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Packed with goodies, this gift box is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie. 

Filled with everyone's all-time favorite treats, this Midnight Munchies gift box is the perfect way to indulge those late-night cravings. Packed in a compact box for your convenience, this box is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie. Comes packed as a care package with a 'Midnight Snacks' graphic and hand-tied bow. Dimensions: 9 inches long x 6 inches wide x 5 inches tall

Care Package Includes:

Fritos corn chips
Chex mix
Cracker Jacks with peanuts
caramel corn
TGI Fridays potato skins chips
Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies
ACT II microwave buttery popcorn
Ritz cheese-filled mini crackers
Combos cheese-filled pretzels
Oreo cookies
Lifesavers gummy candies
Blue diamond lime and chili almonds
Nestle crunch milk chocolate candy bar
M&M's milk chocolate plain candies
M&M's peanut candies
Skittles fruit candies
Hershey milk chocolate bar
Rice Krispies Treat


Midnight Munchies Gift Box, Snacks Care Package

SKU: SD88192
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