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Oh come on now, ya know it's funny! It's A Redneck thing gift basket pays homage to all those freaking funny Rednecks in your life, seriously.

We've searched all the hills and backwoods for only the best selection of Redneck favorites there are. Show them you really appreciate who they are whether it be in real life or just in your mind. This gift is sure to bring a good laugh and deliver tasty treats all at the same time. We see why Rednecks love these things!

The It's A redneck Thing Gift pail includes:

8" Metal Trash can with lid
100% cotton bandana which you know every Redneck wears
Classic RC Cola
Everyone's favorite Moon Pie
Brims classic Pork Rhins
Old South pickled eggs which are great by themselves or chopped up in salads
Pickle in a bag - A full-size Kosher Dill pickle in a single serve bag for freshness
and of course, Spam which makes a delicious sandwich or snack by itself

This gift comes wrapped in cellophane and topped with a hand-tied bow. Completed gift measures 8" wide and 13" tall and weighs 5 pounds.

It's A Redneck Thing, Good Laughs and Tasty Snacks

SKU: SD820792
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