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A handsome gift basket filled with soup, cookies, candy, tea, cheese and delicious treats. Perfect get well gift, thinking of you or to chase away the chills. Send this fantastic pick-me-up gift which features a handsome, rich brown painted willow gift basket filled with delicious soup, sweets and tasty treats. A perfect gift for get well, thinking of you or just to chase away the chills. 


  • An Oversized (15oz) Stoneware Soup Mug
  • Chicken Noodle Soup For One
  • Garden Vegetable Gourmet Cheese
  • Tomato and Basil Cheese
  • Parmesan & Herb Artisan Hors DÌoeuvre Crackers
  • Wine and Cheese Biscuits
  • FormaggioÌs Cheddar Pesto Cheese RoundsHarvest Medley Fruit and Nut Mix
  • Old-fashioned Caramel Candy
  • 5.3 oz Tin Of Sour Lemon Drops
  • Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Chai Serenity ÏLongevityÓ Green Tea
  • Chai Serenity ÏDreamÓ Chocolate Tea
  • Chai Serenity ÏPeaceÓ Vanilla Spiced Tea
  • Reusable willow basket

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  • Fireside Pick-Me-Up Soup Basket

    SKU: g FiGo-11
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