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Delight and inspire your friend or loved one to feel better soon. Your recipient will cherish this soft and cuddly teddy bear gift. 

Help your friend or loved one feel better with Noah, a 12" Feel Better Bear wearing a soft felt shirt which says, "Feel Better, Because I Feel Better When You Do."  Synchronized mouth moves to a heartwarming message of love, goodwill, inspiration and hope that reads: 

"Someone who cares very much for you wants you to feel better. So I am sending you big bear hugs! Hugs don't need an envelope or postage because they are heart to heart. I am sending you smiles over the miles because smiles bring us closer and remind you that you are loved………Take a deep breath and feel better because I feel better when you do. Peace and Blessings."

This adorable feel better, talking bear is inspirational and will make anyone feel better. Arrives carefully wrapped and shipped directly to the door of your friend or relative. Your gift includes your best wishes on a gift card too!


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Feel Better Talking Bear To Help Anyone Get Well Soon

SKU: SD-G1063
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