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Fall gift basket filled with savory gourmet, snacks, and sweets. Enhanced with frosted maple leaves, berries and ribbon for a stunning presentation. 

An Autumn gift basket that's both bountiful and beautiful! Includes:

Frosted maple leaves, berries and elegant ribbons
Sugar Cinnamon Shortbread Treats
Two large boxes of assorted Chocolate Cookies
Butter Cookies
"Classic Gourmet" Snack Mix
Berry Cherry Nut Mix
Smokey Mozzarella Cheese Swirls
Melting Parmesan crunchy Cheese Sticks
Focaccia Crisps Crackers
Tomato and Basil Cheese
Formaggio's Cheddar Pesto Rounds
Sweet Chipotle Almonds
Assorted Crackers
Premium  Harvest Blend Coffee

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Deluxe Fall Gift Basket Collection

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