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Snack Hard! It takes more than a small appetite to tackle the Macho Munchies Crate. This crate is crafted with a deliciously unique sampling sure to please all palates and start you on your journey towards glorious snack nirvana. 

Our Ghost pepper Tortilla chips will send your taste buds to new heights while the Tabasco Jelly Beans will surprise and delight their senses. All in a beautiful hand crafted wood crate with a lid and rope handles. Available with a customizable ribbon this unique crate is sure to delight all who receive it.

The Macho Munchies Crate includes:

Paqui Haunted Ghost pepper tortilla chips exploding with flavor
Three Cheese Sourdough Crackers
California Crunch Dried Fruit & Nut Mix
Fontazzi Butter Toffee Caramel Corn
Jelly Belly Tabasco Jelly Beans
Alaskan Salmon Spread, perfect when paired with cream cheese and crackers
Classic Wisconsin cheddar Round
Smoked pepper Gouda Cheese Round
Walkers chocolate chip cookies
5 oz Garlic summer sausage
5 oz garlic and herb summer salami
honey roasted peanuts
Premium salted cashews
14" pine crate with lid

The completed gift comes sealed and tied with a handmade bow. Gift Measures 14" long by 10" wide and 8" tall and weighs 8 pounds.

Delicious Macho Munchies Snack Gift Crate

SKU: SD820772
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