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Say happy birthday with this ideal gift for any birthday recipient. 

The ''Have a Beary Happy Birthday'' Gift Basket is the ideal gift for any birthday recipient. This birthday gift basket includes a sturdy blue wicker basket filled with gourmet sweets and savory snacks, along with an adorable plush teddy bear. After the birthday treats are gone, the basket can be reused.

This birthday assortment includes:

a 14-inch white sparkle plush teddy bear
instant raspberry iced tea
''Happy Birthday'' theme box with assorted sour drops
''Happy Birthday'' theme bottle with jelly beans
seven ounces of assorted caramel-filled chocolates
Ms. Grace lemon bite-sized cookies
Gourmet Treats butter toffee pretzels
petite fruit candies
a reusable blue wicker basket

Birthday-Themed Gift Basket, Foods, Candies, & Teddy Bear

SKU: SD86072
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